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Hillary Rodham Clinton: Woman of Steel

Hillary Clinton is no rookie in the game of D.C. politics.

Her interest in civil rights and social justice were sparked during the Vietnam War. After hearing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speak in 1962, she began working in politics for Republicans and Democrats alike.

Clinton went on to become president of her class at Wellesley college and later attended Yale Law School.

Enter, Bill Clinton.

While Hillary went on to hold numerous prestigious titles: lawyer, women’s activist, chair of many national committees, first female senator from New York and Secretary of State, the title most Americans associate her with is First Lady.

After dealing with the very public affair of her husband and a White House intern, Hillary chose to forgive him. It’s been 16 years since the humiliating incident and Monica Lewinksy’s name still comes up in interviews with the presidential hopeful.

You would think feminine qualities like mercy and forgiveness would help her be viewed as a woman and not a robot, right? Think again.

Since then, the former Secretary of State has been called names by those in the media from both sides of the aisle. Ironically enough, the only mention to her gender is when they criticize her appearance. Go figure.

Here are just a few of my personal favourites:

Carlos Gomez

“Will Americans want to watch a woman get older before their eyes on a daily basis?”

-Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio host



“Political experts are now saying that to win the presidency in 2008 a candidate has to get hot at the right time.

Carlos Gomez

After hearing this, Bill Clinton said, ‘Hillary’s doomed’.”

-Conan O’Brien, late-night talk show host




“She’s not looking good these days. She’s looking overweight and very tired.”

-Ed Klein, author, The Life of Hillary

The best part about Hillary’s major critics is they’re all middle-aged, white men. Who are they to talk?!

After the stress she’s undergone, both personally and professionally, I hope I look as good at 66 years old.

Pollsters agree that it’s the press, not the public that cares about what Hillary looks like.

“I haven’t heard anyone mention her hair or her makeup for probably a decade,” Democratic pollster, Celinda Lake, told USA Today in 2012. “It’s not the voters driving this at all, they could care less. It’s reporters.”

Despite all the backlash she’s received over the years, what really amazes me about Hillary is her resiliency. She dons a suit of armor every day in the bureaucratic battlefield known as America’s capital.

Hillary doesn’t keep her secrets of political vitality to herself, she often shares them with women around the country. In February of this year, she told a crowd of ambitious young women at NYU, “It’s important to learn how to take criticism seriously, but not personally.”

“Critics can be your best friends if you listen to them, and learn from them, but don’t get dragged down by them.”

In the spirit of the World Cup, a football analogy seems fitting.

Preparing for another run at presidency in 2016, Hillary Rodham Clinton is like a goalie during a penalty kick: cool, calm and collected.

Written by Kayla Brandon
Picture credits: Angela Radulescu and Carlos Gomez