Together we are against extremism

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I am not scared, sang extremism expert, Tahir Mahmood . With that, the demonstration against ISIS and the extreme Islamist group in Norway called The Prophet’s Ummah, was in motion. 

Five youngsters organized the demonstration. One of them was the Norwegian-Iraqi girl, Faten Mehdi Al-Hussaini. She was honoured by Norwegian media because of her courage and strong, speech. You do not follow Islam, you follow the devil, Faten Mehdi Al-Hussaini proclaimed about ISIS while on the rostrum in front of the Norwegian Parliament. She said that ISIS attack unprovoked, without legitimacy.

History created

Together with different Imams, members of the Parliament, party leaders, representatives of the Islamic Council in Norway, and the Norwegian Prime Minister, the five youngsters engaged numerous demonstrators. Multiple times, it was said that they had created history with their actions.


The appeals included how important it is for the inhabitants in Norway to stand together against extremists.  I support Norwegian Muslims and everyone else who is a part of this uprising. This fight we can only win together, said current Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

Despite inequality 

A Norwegian blogger claimed that ISIS creates a state built on force, not harmony. This is conflicting with what Islam stands for.  The terror attack in 2011 was mentioned throughout the demonstration. Although it brought back tragic memories, the importance of standing together no matter religion, belief, or ethnicity was emphasized.


The Islamic Council of Norway was also present, and in their appeal it was mentioned that they believe in maintaining dialogue with the extremists. Whether it is those who look towards extremism or those who is already defined as an extremist.

As a last minute heads up, the emcee of the demonstration reminded not only the demonstrators, but also those working at the Parliament, that the work was not done only by showing up. The work will start when you get home and when you wake up tomorrow.

Written by Hannah Skotheim
Picture credit: creative commons

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