A stink-free visit to Sesimbra’s Fishing Market


BEING A FISHERMAN is an ancient profession with a lot of history and tradition in Portugal. Nowadays, only a small number of people sails the sea. This is due to the lack of economic support and sustainability. Besides, fisherman is a dangerous  profession.


Sesimbra’s Fishing Market

These pictures were made in Sesimbra, a small Portuguese village located in the edge of seaside. Here, fishing is still one of the greatest livelihoods. This photo essay shows the small market that exists in the fishing village. Fish is sold there with great pride. There’s fresh fish every day.
Thanks to these sales men and fisher men who risk their lives going into the sea that the art of fishing remains alive and has a great value to a rich and varied food culture in Portugal.

Sesimbra is a tiny fishing village in a sheltered bay. In late afternoon the fishing boats return and there’s a fish auction on the dockside. That same fresh fish can be sampled at one of the several restaurants along the shore.

Photo essay by Miguel Sequerra









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