Let’s play Pogs again


James Burke

Sitting on the ground of your school yard, feeling disappointed, after having lost your favourite Pogs card to your friend – oh the frustration, do you remember? Those good old days when we played pogs in our school breaks instead of staring at our I-pad!

Yeah, once upon a time Pogs ruled the world..



If your memory still hasn’t caught up, Pogs is the popular game most of us remember from the 1990s. The name originated from the juice brand POG, juice made from passionfruit, orange and guava, where the bottle caps could be used to play the game. It is still not known if the game originates from Hawaii in the 1920s or 1930s or from earlier time; possibly the 17th century, from a Japanese card game called Menko

Pogs did become a big distraction for many children in classes and caused many arguments on the playing field. The game ended up being banned in many schools, because children kept the pogs they won from each other and schools condemned it as a form of gambling. It was banned in numerous schools across North America and in European countries as Sweden, Iceland, Germany and the UK.

So go on, dig up your pogs from your basement, attic or back shelf – wherever you hide your pogs trophies (we know you didn’t throw them out!), and introduce it to your nephews and nieces and see what they think of it, maybe it is time for a comeback!




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