Northside: Can we do it again?



After an hour long lead-up, the excitement in the crowd had reached its zenith and Robyn came on stage in her cosmic outfit wearing outer-space inspired leggings: a blue shirt with a red bib over – looking a little like Superman.

Robyn started the show with the song “Be mine” and Northside Festival guests in Aarhus in Denmark seemed very pleased with the selection of the song.

Newest single with Röyksopp

Robyn and Röyksopp just released a short-album together called Do it Again last May and started a tour through Europe and North America, beginning at Sonar Festival in Spain. Robyn and Röyksopp have collaborated before on their tracks “The girl and the Robot” in 2009 and the song “None of Dem” in 2010 and now continue their successful collaboration.



You and Me Together, Stars Forever

Under the clear sky in Aarhus,Robyn sang the song “Stars 4-ever”, the concerts were a mix of Robyn’s old and new songs. When Robyn ended her song “Dancing On My Own” she turned her back to the crowd, hugged herself dancing ‘alone’ and let the crowd carry the song out – nobody in Northside Festival seemed to dance alone through the night.

Robyn greeted the audience in Danish, “Hvad så?” (How are you?) and continued, “People of Århus, how are you holding up? Are you warming up?” The crowd immediately replied ‘yes’ as it had waited through an hour-long warm up beforehand and Robyn didn’t waste any more time talking and started singing “Call your Girlfriend”.



Disco Heads on Stage

After finishing “With Every Heartbeat”, Robyn ran off the stage as it was prepared for the income of Röyksopp, the Norwegian electronic music duo from Tromsø.

Röyksopp made their entrance on stage with all members of the band wearing a disco ball on their heads. It was a full face-covering disco ball hat that they kept on the whole performance. The DJ, standing in the middle of the stage, wore a gigantic space helmet.

The new single “Say It” began and Robyn entered in a big balloon like jacket, that was blown up on her back and she had on her trademark buffalo shoes. She started the song laying on the floor replying to Röyksopp´s “I want you” refrain with the response “I want you”, and bounced on her back on the floor dancing in an almost trance state that ended in somewhat a turtle-like dance.

It was like a spaceship had landed on the stage in Aarhus.



Do it Again

The performance was artistic and full of raw energy. Robyn’s dance was untamed. “She is so fucking dirty” said one of the male audience members, as she danced solo on stage.

At the end of the song “I’m in love with a Robot” she laid down over a keyboard as part of her performance as an act of the performance to seem exhausted and when the song was about to fade out, suddenly a staff member poked her and took the tiny keyboard out. It wasn’t quite clear if it was planned or not.

After almost two hours of dancing and marching on stage the performance came to an end with the song “Do it Again”. When the song seemed to have ended, the music turned up again and the worlds ‘DO IT AGAIN’ boomed into the park and the two bands played on for a while longer.


An entertaining and mind-blowing performance that Robyn and Röyksopp put up for the guests of Northside, that obviously had been the result of a lot of effort. A truly artistic show that was more than worth watching!

Northside is a festival held in Aarhus, Denmark that has grown quickly in the last five years, with over 25 000 guests in attendance last year. It was first held in 2010 as a one-day festival with only a Danish line-up. It has grown every year and now features big names like Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Bombay Bicycle Club and The National. You can find more information at their website.


Svanlaug Árnadóttir 

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