Nude Protesting

Using nudity in protests as a tactic to attract more attention to your cause might not be for everyone, but it is normal day-to-day business for the women of Femen. Femen is an international women’s movement founded in the Ukraine in 2008, yet currently based in Paris.

The women of Femen have taken control over their own bodies, for the good of protesting against patriarchy and other related subjects. Their internationally well known topless protests have related to sex tourism, sharia rights, religious institutions, sexism, gay rights, political policies and other social, national and international topics. Even thought, Femen claims to be a non-violent movement; their protests are controversial as provocative slogans are painted on their skin. The police regularly detain Femen activists in response to their protests. Besides, some Femen members have been subject of violence, threats and other forms of intimidation. The regular media coverage on Femen shows that this does not stop the movement from exhibitionist protests.

Pandeia has collated a number of pictures of Femen protests in the first half of 2014. It is believed many other protests will follow in the second half of this year. Credits:

 Femen uses their bodies for non-violent acts of resistance 

Protest against the Olympic games being held in Russia



Femen Spain protests against the Catholic Church and for the right to abort

Femen Turkey protest against Prime Minister Erdogan and his policy of shutting down Internet resource

Protest photo shoot against child marriages in Iraq

Femen France protests against Front National, an extreme right-win party, launching its campaign for the European elections 

A protest in Paris with Femen activist from all over the word, holding slogans condemning sharia ruling that prevails in certain Middle Eastern countries against girls and women

In a protest Femen demands Putin to take a step back from sovereign Ukraine


By Lotte Kamphuis

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