Student Movements: #Ibacktheboycott


THE NATIONAL Campagin Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) has released the above video in support of University and Colleges Union (UCU)’s proposed marking boycott, which has been suspended until May. Speaking out against tiny proposed pay rises for staff of just two percent, NCAFC has argued:

“Our staff have been left with no choice by university managers’ refusal to deal with their grievances, and by the aggressive response campaigners have received from their employers, including punitive pay deductions”.

Urging students to share the video, and the message, the organization has also published guidelines of how to get involved in supporting the marking boycott, which would happen across the UK with risks of academic disruption for students and – in some cases – 100% pay cuts to staff.

Read about the UK student media reactions to the boycott here. Read UCU’s briefing notes  for students here.

Is this something which only affects UK students and lecturers? Contact us with similar stories from across Europe (or internationally) and help us join together what is already a growing issue.

Rachel Barr



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