UK: NUS Conference 2014

This week sees the 2014 National Union of Students (NUS) Conference take place in Liverpool. A wide range of issues and elections are taking place including the Presidential and Vice-Presidential elections as well as a number of motions calling for better conditions for students in the UK ahead of the 2015 General Election. By Greg Bianchi Toni Pearce has been re-elected NUS President during the NUS Conference in Liverpool. This means Pearce will lead the NUS ahead of the 2015 UK General Election where tuition fees are set to be a battleground for parties attracting younger voters. Pearce won 59% of the vote and is the first NUS President who hasn’t attended university. http://

Joe Vinson was re-elected as Vice President (Further Education), Raechel Mattey was elected as VP (Union Development), Piers Telemacque was elected as VP (Society and Citizenship) and Colum McGuire was elected as VP (Welfare). http://

The NUS also called for free education to be funded by taxing the rich and big business. This continued the theme ahead of the next election of student fees being high on the agenda. The Government has been criticised for introducing £9000 for students despite the Liberal Democrats pledging to oppose a fee rise in their 2010 election campaign. http://

Later today the trustee elections take place and results will be announced on Monday. There has been a motion of no confidence in the chair – some claiming they haven’t been given enough time to speak. http://

Read more on the deportation case here:

A number of motions have passed including 706 to make changes to the inclusion of international students as the NUS claims that xenophobia is a problem in the UK and should be a concern for the NUS.

http://<blockquoteclass=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”>

Motion 706 discussed and passes #NUSNC14

— NUS Connect (@nusconnect) April 10, 2014


Picture credit: Rob Wells

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