Scotland’s BBCGen2014 – Live blog of youth debate

Generation 2014 is the story of 50 young people who will be 16 or 17 on 18 September 2014 and eligible to vote in Scotland’s Independence Referendum. They come from all over Scotland and Pandeia brings you an exclusive liveblog of proceedings. 

One response to “Scotland’s BBCGen2014 – Live blog of youth debate

  1. Standard and Poors tell us that Scotland earns more money per person (GDP) than the UK, and even Germany. This shows that we can afford all of the policies we propose for indy Scotland.

    We already afford the policies we have in place, including free education with the limited budget we are allowed by Westminster.

    We send more money to Westminster than we receive back.

    Westminster has built the 2nd largest debt per person in the entire world and we need to move away from that kind of mismanagement.

    Because of this incredible debt burden, Westminster has been selling off all public assets such as the NHS and the postal system to private concerns. Do you want a privatised NHS? The Scottish Govt has stopped private money interfering with our NHS.

    It only took Norway around 18 years to build the 2nd or 3rd largest wealth/oil fund in the world. We still have 40-50 years of oil in the North Sea alone.

    There is likely to be more oil off the Clyde basin and off Shetland.

    Even the Financial Times has calculated that an Independent Scotland would be 11% better off from day one and that is before we begin our programme of inward investment and development of our people and our country.


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